10 different paint effects

10 different paint effects

The types of effects we will see below, we can achieve given the tools that are in the images, as you will see are very easy to find at home or in a shed.


veteado With these two tools and paint of various colors can mimic the look of wood grain included.


peinado The hair can be done with a special comb, but if you want a more diffuse finish, use a brush or flat brush.


esponjado The marine natural sponges are what give the best results when making a foam on the wall.


punteado With a special brush, wide and hard hair, you can give the wall a stipple finish very smooth and attractive.


barrido By dragging the paint with a brush dipped for the visibility of past.

Dry Brush

pincel-seco As in the sweep trailing wet paint, but with a dry brush.

With special rollers

With textured rollers interesting effects are achieved. Can be prepared yourself and paint roller, for example, a striped wall. Let’s look at the images.




That nice variety of options we have to think about changing the paint in our home.

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