6 steps for a perfect dining

6 steps for a perfect dining

The dining room is the place of coexistence, the space where people gather to eat and spend time together.

Not only that but the dining areas contemporary homes are becoming more and more versatile for up to a thousand functions and formal and stylistic interpretations.

Home offices, bedrooms more, spacious living rooms … are some of the uses that are given over to the dining rooms. It could be considered the most versatile in the house.

However, despite this condition as varied always you must meet certain requirements, be warm and feel like being in it. So the decor of the dining room must be able to adapt to every architectural style without heaviness or exceed formal mannerisms.

How to decorate a room? We can follow some guidelines that allow this area a more welcoming and hospitable for all space and give a personal touch to everyone’s taste.

Maybe, using simple and timeless furniture.

Find something sensitive to the tastes and trends but also have charismatic and iconic charge to stay on time without dying.

In the picture above we propose an effective combination of furniture from different inspirations that share a junction, the materials shown.


Another option is the dissonance between the harmony.

It is to alternate in an orderly and logical heterogeneous elements.

Usually an option that can deeply enrich the space and makes for a more stimulating and welcoming.

Pictured eg play with the combination of different models of chairs, can be done with tables, chairs and tables, etc.

It offers plenty of options.


We must not neglect the functionality and environment dedicated to the meeting place.

When you want to bring together people and not just spend on food decoration also you have to adapt emphasizing through combinations of colors, materials and shapes that give the touch of communion and unity.

To get it is ideal to use a light that is not too strong to give more intimacy and closeness.

It should be a bright light but not too tight, as if we were on a terrace drink.


With the same approach and wellness so soft carpets and warm colors even let go barefoot used.

They are widely used in living rooms but increasingly is gaining more followers as an important complement to the dining room.

In fact, it is often used to mark and define a particular area as might be the space eating and meeting.

Carpets need to choose easy to clean and highly perishable materials because it is an area of the house that gets dirty easily.


And we must not neglect the table decoration.

The actual living space of the dining room and in which the highlights and recipes are shared.

The table decoration is an ancient practice, always attentive to detail and optimizes the sense of domesticity.

A balanced decor enhance the dining atmosphere.

Paradoxically, one way to do so that it is naturally with minimal decor. That is present but not embafe.



And finally, we can pull the art. That always works well.
Art can be able to strongly connote any room in the house, and in particular when a natural fit with all space environments.

Keep in mind that it is a place where we spent many hours so you have to choose well what will and have complete empathy with it.

The important thing is to achieve harmonization and a balanced relationship with the colors and materials chosen for that space.

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