ABC of color pigments and shades

Pigments and shades

pigmentos Besides being decorative, not forget that confer personality colors. When choosing the right tone for a room must take into account that you will use to give. Paint the walls of one room with different colors can be an amazing resource and very effective to create different atmospheres. For example, if the dining and living part of the environment, these two disparate areas of use can be differentiated by the color gamut.

The secrets of the mixture. While there is a wide range of prepared colors, you can also create some unique tones. The tone of the painting can be adjusted with toners. It basic colored cake intensity change depending on the paint quantity is added. We recommend you go toning adding in small amounts until the desired color for not risking too dark paint.

Take note:

The pure ocher is the best color for a painting off.

To brighten a picture, add red or yellow.

The white serves to clarify. However, never use black dye to darken, as all you get is a gray effect.

How to paint?

Brushes, rollers, rags …



Just as there is plenty of decorative effects that can be done with paint, you can also get it with a multitude of tools, from the most professional brush up marine sponges or cotton rags.



Rollers and large brushes are the tools best suited for large areas, while small brushes are suitable for touch-ups and details. If you just want to paint with embossed effect, can acquire textured roller, spatulas … Some materials may need to look in shops specializing in painting or in those for decoration professionals.

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