Combining Two different reliefs on the same wall

Combining Two different reliefs on the same wall

What you need:

Gel or texturable fillings, plastic trowel, sponge or brush, natural varnish or clear wax, paint, pan, spatula, smooth synthetic sponge, smooth masking tape and pencil.


1 – Check the socket and extend the fillings.



In this case we tested a wall decoration with fillings and spatula. After marking the socket with masking tape, then the coating on the bottom. This extends the fillings in irregular strokes texturable about 2 mm.

2 – If you do not want the past are so marked.



If you want the finish is blurred, protect the gloved hand of silicone and before the dough has dried palm pass over the wall with fillings, but without pressing thereby keep the surface irregularities.

3-When dry, colored with random brush strokes.



Once completely dry the texturable fillings, sponge (or brush if you want the finish is thinner) wall paint color chosen. Do it with random movements so that they are well covered all the imperfections.

4 – You can then apply a layer of colorless wax varnish.



While not a mandatory step if you prefer and then you can apply for a better finish varnish. To do so, when the paint is dry and, protect the socket by applying a layer of natural varnish or with a layer of clear wax.

5 – Continue with the other zone, protected with tape before.



Now remove the tape put one on the top edge of the base to start painting the top of the wall with the spatula technique. It uses two dispersion paint colors, it is more consistent than the emulsion with which the spreadable not drip spatula.

6 – Right to left, go spread the paint.



Pour into the paint tray darker color, spread with spatula sparingly and start to paint the wall moves from left to right, alternately and randomly, so that the last of irregularly overlapping spatula.

7 – When dry, apply the same way the other layer.



Wait until the paint has dried, pour into pan the amount you need to apply the second layer of the lighter color and proceed in the same way as the first.

8 – Protect the clear wax finish applied with a rag.



If you prefer to spread the finish of the second layer, use a synthetic sponge smooth when the paint is still wet. Another option is to apply with a cotton cloth, a layer of clear wax. So get a glossy shine that will enhance the effect of the spatula and give it a more artistic.


with gloves

Use gloves when used lime. It is a material that can be corrosive and your skin may be harmed.


colorless wax

The clear wax gives a slightly shiny satin effect to provide or roque less rustic finish. You can use if you want the appearance of the terrain be more refined.

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