Copper torches for our garden

Copper torches for our garden

We can make our own torches using copper tubing and some other essential elements found his hand in local and hardware stores or somewhere where they sell health items.

And we can put the torches on the floor along our garden or around your yard, they succeed in giving a warm touch to our garden.


We can brush, for a glossy finish on the copper tubing can be sanded with sandpaper 180.

Clean any residue with a clean cloth.


For mounting on the ground, you can use any length of copper pipe.

Connect the larger diameter tube to mounting post with a reducer.

Spread a small amount of epoxy glue on the inside of the gear unit and then place it on the base station will hold the larger diameter pipe.


To preserve the glossy finish can do pulverizing in a couple of layers of polyurethane or clearcoat.

Alternatively, we can leave the copper unpainted achieve a patina over time.


Make a cover for the large diameter tube using another gear.

Place it in place without any kind of epoxy glue to make it easy to remove when necessary to fill oil.

Slide the wick in the pipe 1 cm exposed.

Add a cap or small section of the pipe to serve as a wick holder, maintaining the correct length of wick ready to ignite.


To fill with oil, lift the lid and pour the oil in the reservoir.

Make sure there is enough to saturate the wick before placing the lid in place.
And soon, to enjoy an evening.

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