Decorate first steps

Decorate first steps

Before implementing any of the decorative techniques detailed in this booklet, take a look at the pages explaining how to properly prepare the surface. Then, discover the secrets and tricks of the mixes here and you can begin without delay.


Mixtures, combinations and basic equipment

Has trick!

To create decorative effects can use all kinds of paintings and simple materials.

The color scheme, however, is tricky.While previously only professionals could make these decorative effects, today thanks to the simplification of techniques are available to everyone. When making them, at least the choice of paint will not raise doubts: you can use water as both enamel paints. All you have to consider is the type of surface and the time required for the painting.

Enamel, the most suitable

For wood and metal enamel paint is more advisable: since it dries more slowly allows manipulation time, s depending on ambient temperature ranges from thirty minutes to an hour. This allows you to work at a good pace and if you hurry, you will not have to run for fear that the paint dries.

When you prepare the glaze, do so in sufficient quantity paras entire surface. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to obtain after the same tone.

Do it yourself

The clear coat can be purchased already prepared, and add then the chosen color with oil paints, or universal toners. If you prefer that everything is in your hands, you can do it yourself using special effects paints, or buy the ready-made product with the metric system computerized in red paint shop you trust.

Effects and colors

The color combination plays a role in some techniques. Thus, for the bleached the base coat should be lighter than the finish, while the foam and the sweep will perform better if used similar tones in both layers.

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