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Decorate with black and white colors.

The black color to decorate does not at all attract, but we can not fail to recognize that in their good combination we achieve sober environments (for those who like them) and distinguished. Between the color palette to be combined with the black color the gray and the mink are doing very well. One option is to paint the walls in white, it will give the light that we need to enhance the decoration in the furniture, mirrors frames, pass stairs if there are lamps and decorations.

Among the materials that we can combine with the black color are the tables in white marble, black polished wood, upholstered armchairs in black leather, white sofas with blankets and cushions color mink.

The gauze curtains or materials that allow the passage of light will be more appropriate for environments such as the living room or dining room.

The smoothed cement floor finishes with hydrolac finish work very well for these decorations. Its gray color and the brightness that reflects the external light are very convenient.

How to decorate with variations on Black

The openings, if they are of wood painted in black, will stand out in a distinguished way, no matter what room of the house it may be.

How to decorate with variations on Black

Lamps’Alu Campana’

Birdcage iron lamps in their different models also look great with this type of decoration.

For the exterior, like galleries or patios a floor that goes very well is the Damero floor.

In the following image we observed how the wood floor was polished in dark color, so that it looked as suitable as possible to the black and white color of the decoration.

There are as many ideas as there are tastes, with more black with more white, more sophisticated and simpler, with varied materials and textures just need to be created.

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