Decorate with paint and more

Decorate with paint and more

According texture roller to apply the paint using a multitude of finishes achieved: can get a foam, a mop, a ribbed trim, borders, drawings …

Imitating …

In the paint shop to find special tools imitate pure materials such as wood grain to the marble. To use it requires skill and patience.



It seems it is not

Embossing is one of the techniques easier to perform. Proof of this is the wall of the image: a sponge bricks are marking differ little in view of the real.




The color wash and get discolored paint using brush strokes applying arbitrary “haphazardly”, diluted if it is a watery, or by removing the thin layer of paint with a rag, if a discolored. These finishes are ideal for uneven walls.

Child’s play



With brush and water-based paint can create endless designs, for example, an attractive border. Some geometric patterns, like this photo, easily drawn when using masking tape.

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