Decoration Work, Cape to cape

Work Cape to cape


Verify that the paintbrush, although is new, be in perfect conditions and wall lamp to uniform rhythm the undercoat.

You will have decided to use the paintbrush or the roller according to the surface that you wish to paint right now, but care, elks to charge it of paint, insure that they are without money perfectly and in his better conditions of use.

Thereby also you will depend that your work prove to be simpler and the finishing be more professional.

All set

If you have decided to paint with paintbrush, before charging it, you will have to read over the bristles against the hand to eliminate little impurities. Else they are new, but I save them correctly, – do not hurry up, we will explain you how to do it the ending of this chapter –

They will certainly be in good shape. Remember the new paintbrushes often lose some sows that if they fall in the fresh paint or they adhere to the painted surface they can finish ruining your job. In order to have the rollers in perfect conditions, elks to use them it is commendable to have some hours immersed in water.

At a good rate

Try to get marked a rhythm of work. How many more times interrupt it, plus risks you run that the finishing not get uniform.



But with pauses

One of the commonnest errors between the inexperienced painters is to incur in precipitation. For example, before giving second hand to a surface, you are necessary than the anticus hand this totally dry. The quality will depend to a large extent on the finishing of this.

Keep to the letter, because, the waiting time recommended by the manufacturer of the product – some hours in the case of the paints to water one day in the case of the synthetic paints or to the solvent.

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