Tiles, as set base level

How to set the base level to place tiles this job requires that we take some time to do it right. In fact it depends on the tiles and or […]

Stamping, painting decorating

Stamp, painting decorating We are going to see the processes to stamping. Painting It can also permeate the seal with a small roller, usually applies paint with a brush or […]

Tile combinations and tools

Tile combinations and tools Let’s see how we can choose tiles, and choose tools. The flat grid (a) is the most common form of post square tiles, but other methods […]

Hows to fix damp housing condition at home

The winter rains usually makes humidity to appear in different walls around the house. When we get back to our holidays house we found it covered by humidity stains, and […]

How to put a fence in your window?

You will need: Grille bars Pencil Hammer Chisel Electric drill Wide wick Mortar Teaspoon. Difficulty  First you have to mark the sockets where the grille bars will go. Use the […]

How to organize your wardrobe, Decoideas

How to organize your wardrobe, Decoideas How to organize your wardrobe? Tips to facilitate the work Do you ever found yourself in a situation like this? So it’s time to […]

Copper torches for our garden

Copper torches for our garden We can make our own torches using copper tubing and some other essential elements found his hand in local and hardware stores or somewhere where […]

Offices decorated with style

Offices decorated with style. The offices are places where we spend much of our day. With this in mind really is very important decoration, their colors are nice. Let’s look at the […]

Tile sizes combinations and Equipment Needed

Tile sizes combinations and Equipment Needed PREPARATIONS  Did you have to leave small joints between tile and tile for the expansion of the tiles? Are you clear how to calculate […]

Recommendations for Decorative Paints

Recommendations for Decorative Paints Textured motif Rollers Getting a surprising result with decorative painting is very simple when you stir textured, like brand Supertez Harris. With them will get a […]