Electricity, safety and economy

Electricity, safety, and economy


Have you ever wondered how many lights are on unnecessarily in the home or how many devices you have connected without the use?
The first thing to do to save money is to drink responsibly and do not connect equipment or lights do not need.

The paradigm of economic lights are fluorescent lamps that consume very little power.

Of course, you must remember that spend more and deteriorate sooner if it is repeatedly turned on and off if stay on for some time.

Please note children


As mentioned above, some of the modern facilities are automatically disconnected if there is any danger of electrocution.

However, it is not more to protect children, especially outlets. His curiosity always leads them to touch them and, consequently, exposed to the likelihood of shock.

Avoid it by hiding the plugs with a protective caps made for this purpose and you will find in any shop.

Many outlets



Never overload outlets or extension cords with multiple chips to connect many devices at the same time because it may cause an accident.

If plugged into a power, more power than you are prepared to take, it will saturate the installation.

Fortunately, today most homes are equipped with mechanisms to detect overload and cut off the supply automatically.

Higher spending

Of all the equipment of the house, surely the frezzer the most expensive to maintain. The washing machine and dishwasher are next on the list, followed by ceramic hobs and electric ovens.
Therefore, although the price is slightly higher, it is advisable to purchase energy-efficient appliances. Electrical equipment, such as televisions and music or vídeo, consume little when they are on, but continue to spend minimally-of way while they are turned off because they have to maintain internal mechanisms.

An idea

Efficient light

In addition to fluorescent, there are also energy efficient light bulbs whose use reduces the electricity bill.

You can use either of these two possibilities, but remember that emit a cold fluorescent light, not suitable for all environments.

An advice

A touch alert

When an electrical device causes the outlet to which this is founded connected repeatedly, you may want to drive to a service center.

Surely there will be an anomaly which, if not corrected, could cause major problems.

A warning

Loose wires


Never leave hanging on the walls or ceiling without turning off the main circuit cables. Anyone could suffer some damage accidentally touching them. Tape the ends using a protective as small caps, as shown in the picture.

Image: Slideshare.net/ket909/electrical-safety

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