Tile combinations and tools

Tile combinations and tools Let’s see how we can choose tiles, and choose tools. The flat grid (a) is the most common form of post square tiles, but other methods […]

Hows to fix damp housing condition at home

The winter rains usually makes humidity to appear in different walls around the house. When we get back to our holidays house we found it covered by humidity stains, and […]

Electricity, safety and economy

Electricity, safety, and economy Attention! Have you ever wondered how many lights are on unnecessarily in the home or how many devices you have connected without the use? The first […]

3 Tips to facilitate the work

3 Tips to facilitate the work 1 – Who has not tried to put a picture and is out of level. How frustrating it is. Let’s see how to fix […]

Tiles project

The walls often have slopes, openings or obstacles that need to be considered before starting to tile. Therefore, to avoid last minute surprises should project the good work and know […]

How to make a curtain

How to make a curtain Needed: crayons, pins, tape measure, needle (depending on the thickness of the curtain fabric), basting thread, sewing thread pitch, scissors, tape and shirring sewing machine. […]

Keys to calculate the material

To calculate the exact number of tiles that will be needed to tile a surface just keep in mind some simple rules: 1 – If you have chosen tiles are […]

Tile sizes combinations and Equipment Needed

Tile sizes combinations and Equipment Needed PREPARATIONS ┬áDid you have to leave small joints between tile and tile for the expansion of the tiles? Are you clear how to calculate […]

Tiles types and colors for different jobs

Tiles types and colors for different jobs Types and colors of tiles. A wall tiled with ceramic tiles of one color (1) can be supplemented with trims, frets and friezes […]

Types of tiles

Types of tiles A challenge for everyone tiles Strength, durability, hygiene and easy maintenance are some of the virtues that confer tiles to the walls. And thanks to its variety […]