How to choose your new bed

If you are looking for a new bed or want to change your bedroom decoration you need to take into account the measures and the model of your new bed. It is very important to choose a correct bed according to the size of your room and your own needs.


It does not matter if you are looking for a bed for your own or for a couple, the best option ever is the double bed. It is a big and comfortable bed that can be used as the centre of the decoration of your bedroom. It is the ideal bed to sleep alone or accompanied.

The correct measure for your double bed needs to be similar to the size of your mattress. The length is usually 190 cm and the width is 160 cm. However, the shops tend to have dozens of types of measures for your double bed. The king size bed is bigger than the standard one. The width is of 180 cm but it is not a bed to use in all the bedrooms because of the great space it requires. These are the beds commonly used in hotels.

When choosing a bed you can also ask for a customized one. You take your own measures and go to a furniture store where they can design a bed according to the space in your own bedroom. These beds are usually made for people who are taller than normal.


Another characteristic to take into account when choosing a bed is the shape. You can pick a regular rectangular bed, or a circular one. There are also small beds for just one person. It all depends on the size of your bedroom and the type of bed you are looking for. Remember that if you select a customized bed it may be harder to find accessories for it.

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