How to decorate with paint

How to decorate with paint

Until recently it was thought that the white color, the brightness to contribute and to be perfectly adaptable to any decoration, was unrivaled. The revolution in painting, in different finishes and color effects, has ended his empire.



Techniques and color effects

The thousand and one

There are many techniques that can be tested for paint surfaces. To achieve sufficient textured roller, cloth or bag.

When it comes to getting different paint finishes and features not only the color as an ally, but practically any utensil you have on hand will serve for this purpose. Just a textured roller, a cotton cloth, a comb or even a plastic bag to print a personal touch to the painted surface, is wall, ceiling or door. In short, you can deploy all his skills limitless creative.


Perhaps one of the simplest techniques concerning the embodiment is the patina. It is a colored gel that is applied to a plain wall always using a special tool for this type of application, such as lined rollers, combs, brushes, cloths, etc.. As the tool is used, is obtained a finish or another.

At each surface, the patina

Following the imitations, the mopping-the paint is applied with a cotton cloth, hence its name, is one of the most effective techniques, with the addition that is easiest to get. But if the surface is rustic and has irregularities, the most appropriate techniques are frizz and color wash that conceal imperfections while effects conferred texture or aroma. Instead, it is preferable for smooth styling, which requires a special comb or a notched trowel and a color scheme-wise, or sweep with a brush, to “sweep” the paint with the brush lines so that they are very diffuse. In any case, as we shall see, there are effects for everyone.

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