How to load the paint brush

How to load the paint brush

That you need


Paint can


1 Elimine dust and broth the paintbrush to one half.

When you paint with paintbrush, before beginning, rub the utensil against your hand to eliminate bristles badly fixed and the dust strongly – they would be able to stick to the paint -.

Submerge the paintbrush in the paint can to the half of the length of the bristles.

2 Escurra the bristles to charge only whatever is needed.

Next, drain bristles pressing against can’s interior wall. This will allow you discharging the excess of paint and will avoid acortinamientos’s formation of the painted surface – the paintbrush, like the roller, never they should get loaded in excess -.

Like charging the roller and you pad it.

That you need:

Roller or small cushion

Paint can

Especial tray for rollers


1 I emptied the paint can in an especial tray for rollers.

Rollers are extremely useful when they have to paint big their surfaces be a lazy laborer for example, for the borders of walls. In both ladles to charge of paint the utensil, it will be advisable to have an especial tray.

Pour the paint in the part wave of the container.

2 Moje the roller and use the little grate to extend the paint.

If you work with a roller, submerge three fourth parts of the muff in the paint and slide it for the tilted part of the tray the little grate in order that you get soaked uniformly and I steal out.

This operation will have to repeat it every time that you impregnate the paint roller.

A little pillow Uses 3 itself do not soak it, humidify her.

In the event that you use a little pillow for example to paint a perfectly smooth wall, humidify your sponge to the borders, without submerging the tool in the small bucket completely. As if with the roller, use the little grate of the container to make sure that you pad it it does not get loaded in excess in paint.

4 Ejerza the fair pressure in order that you pad it not drip.


Not to press in excess it is fundamental you pad it against the wall in order that the paint adhere correctly. That way avoid drippings.

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