How to make a curtain

How to make a curtain

Needed: crayons, pins, tape measure, needle (depending on the thickness of the curtain fabric), basting thread, sewing thread pitch, scissors, tape and shirring sewing machine.


How to make a curtain

1) Start by hemming the curtain; press 5 cm. fabric on each side and make a double hem at each end of the fabric. Secure with pins to baste. You should leave a margin of 6.5 cm. by the upper edge and 15 cm. the bottom to make the head-in this case with shirring tape-, and low respectively.

Fold diagonally

2) Attempt the bottom corners to be aesthetic; back fabric inwards, making a hem 7.5 cm. For the corner is perfect, fold and sew diagonal stitch hem.

Make the hems by hand so that the seam is not seen in the right shade!

Cut the ribbon shirring!

3) You must ask where does the head of the curtain; double the 6.5 cm. the top and baste to 4 cm. below the line. Cut the ribbon shirring to the width of the curtain, plus 5 cm. Pull the cords to remove about 2.5 cm. anĂºdelos per side and loosely. Attach the ribbon to the curtain pins, with the top line for basting.

Sewing machine

4) Set the position of the head and finally sew; make a fold of 2.5 cm. above and below and then baste the ribbon shirring on the back. Machine sew the folds above. Pull cords one end left loose and pulling the other end, pucker the fabric evenly and anĂºdelos. Hide the ends of the cord behind the curtain, with a stitch if necessary.

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