How to paint a panel door

How to paint a panel door

What´s needed?

Paint or varnish

A 2″(5cm)  wide Paintbrush

A 1″(2,5cm)  wide Paintbrush

A Fine paintbrush (optional)



1– Start on the interior edges of the molds.

Before beginning to work, put newspapers under the door to protect the floor and,very important,fix the door with an hindrance in such a way that it doesn’t move. With the fine paintbrush begin with the molds, respecting the direction of the wood vein.

When the molds are wide you can work with a 2,5cm (2″) paintbrush.

2– After, with a wide paintbrush, paint the molds of the door.

Now, with the paintbrush of 5cm (2″), paint the molds: first the superior ones and later the inferior ones. For that, apply at the beginning vertical brushstrokes and then unite them with horizontal lines.

Try to work quickly; otherwise you will left marks that you wont be able to eliminate.

panel-doors-1 3– Continue with vertical and horizontal areas.

Always working up and down, paint the vertical section that divides the door by the middle and continue with the horizontal crosspieces, (this time working from right to left). Don’t precipitate; although it can seem annoying, the ordinated sequence of painting it´s the best weapon for the molds gets perfect.

4– Finally, paint the borders and the frame of the door,that you should keep half-closed until the painting has dried off completely.

Sash windows. 

Whatever it is the window type, remember that before paint it, it´s better to protect the glasses with masking tape.

When you paint sash windows, it is necessary to proceed carefully, applying a fine coat of paint that allows the leaves ascend and lower easily. To start, take down the  back leaf –the one from behind – and lift the previous one,in such a way that about 20cm of one pass the other. Paint the inferior crosspiece of the back leaf and all you can of the visible sections. When you finish,lift the back leaf until it get´s almost closed and paint the rest. With the front leaf a little bit open, continue with the mark. When the paint has dried off, close the window and apply color in the rails. Finally, work the frame.

Of hinge. 

To paint a hinge window keep it half-opened with the help of a wire tied around a nail that you should have fixed previously in the interior part of the frame. If it is a panel window, begin for the rabbet,molds and glasses supports,next continue with the horizontal and vertical crosspieces that divide the window in two,next  the lateral bands and, lastly, the superior and inferior crosspieces.Always leave the borders for the end and, when they have drying off, paint the frame.

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