How to paint a radiator

How to paint a radiator


Although they don’t demand as many cares as the walls, the radiators also need a review. To paint them there are just one key. To be patience… and to have the appropriate products and tools. At the paintshop they will advise you on the type of utensils that will allow you to reach all the corners and the more appropriate paintings.

To paint and to take paint off 

Renewed color. 

Although it is more tedious than to paint other surfaces, with the help of paintbrushes and special rollers the radiators will look as new.

After having painted walls, doors and windows, it highlights even more the yellowish and ugly color that radiators have gone acquiring with the step of the time.

Paintbrush, aerosol or spray gun? 

To paint them there are three methods. The first one is the simplest: it is enough to use a bent paintbrush and a special roller for radiators,(it´s sharper and longer so it can reach the spaces among the sheets). Second:apply spray paint,(aerosol) it guarantees a more uniform finish, although it is much more laborious:since with all security the wall will splashes when pulverizing the paint on the radiator,you will have to protect it before. Finally, and only for “professionals in the matter”, to dismantle the radiators and to paint them with an air compressed spray gun.

But before, remove paint. 

Anyway, whatever that may be the method you uses, remember that you will be able to work only when the radiator gets cold, not only for your security but also because otherwise you won´t get that the paint adheres to it. A golden rule that you should not forget is that always you will have to eliminate the old paint first; otherwise, the successive coats will go accumulating impeding the well heat circulation,with the resulting waste of energy,and the inappropriate room heating.Either if you use a paint remover,even more a steel brush or emery,protect yourself with gloves and eyeglasseses.

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