How to Paint radiators with roller

How to Paint radiators with roller

When renovating the radiators don’t choose any product: You should always use special paints resistant to high temperatures. The difference between these and the enamels that are used to paint metals it´s that the first ones incorporate less ingredients of those that turns yellow with the heat. That is (to say), they support better the heat and they stay in good condition during years.

Also, the special paintings for radiators contain special ingredients that prevent that the paint jumps or become soft with the heat.

Full colour. 

If you don’t find the color that you want to apply in the chromatic range that is marketed for high temperature resistant paints, (the spectrum of colors it´s more limited than in the traditional paints), you can give first a coat of the special enamel and, after, another with an universal enamel of the color that you had chosen.

To remove 


If the old paint of the radiator it´s well stucked, apply a remover gel, wait the time that the manufacturer indicates and then take of the paint with a steel or wire brush.

To clean radiators-2

After taking of the paint, you´ll have to eliminate the remains of paint with steel chip and next to pass a humid cloth in soapy water. To reach the inaccessible corners, the most recommendable thing is to use a fine brush.

To paint 


With the radiator special paintbrush, start from the more inaccessible areas and  then continue with the wide bands, where you will be able to use a special paint roller for radiators. The paint should be always applied up and down in vertical lines and with light upward movements.



Wait until the first paint coat has dried off perfectly and, later, retire the powder that has accumulated with a cotton cloth that doesn’t loose fluff.

Next, apply the second layer, following the same steps, and you´ll have a new radiator!

An advice

After having painted the radiators you will have to let pass several days before put them into operation. For it, it is obvious, (but it´s not unnecessary to advice), that warms seasons are the suitables to decorate them. Always make sure that the paint has well dried off  before turn on them again. If it was still humid,it will form bubbles and it will end up coming off. Then, you wont have another choice that to paint them again. Better to prevent…

Did you know That…?

In avant-garde aesthetics housings it can be attractive and original to decorate radiators with a metallic paint, of gray graphite color that is used in handrails, or iron furniture. It provides an excellent coating,(it´s difficult that it come off for the excess of heat). The finish is lightly rough and a little brilliant.

A Warning

You can also paint the radiators with spray gun, but in this case you should dismantle it before. Keep in mind for this that you should have to empty the water of the whole circuit of heating.

Count, then, with several hours of extra work.

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