How to paint walls with water paints

How to paint walls with water paints

What´s needed?

-A paintbrush or a big roller

-Water Paint


1Begin from the closest area to a natural light

Always begin from the closest area to a light (close to a window) and from the superior part of the wall. If you paint with a paintbrush make coats to the right if you are right and to the inverse if you are left.

2Cover with soft lines and pass quickly to another area

Then, and over the previous ones, apply regular coats from top to bottom in vertical fringes of about 50cm of height for a meter wide. To avoid imperfections, complete an area and pass to another without taking a long time.

3With roller, paint up and down with uniform coats 

In the case you use a roller, extend the painting first up and down.

4Resolve imperfections with horizontal coats

To paint areas that could not been covered apply horizontal coats with the roller.In this way you will leave the surface perfectly colored. When you go to another area lift the roller with a vertical movement and load it of painting again.

How to paint walls with synthetic paints

What´s needed?

-A paintbrush or a wide roller.

-A fine roller.

-Fine sandpaper.

-Synthetic paint.




1Before paint apply a primer coat and sandpaper it

With a paintbrush or a wide roller, before painting,apply a primer to the whole wall so, when giving it the finish, the paint adheres better.

Wait until it dries off and then pass a fine sandpaper. If the wall is too deteriorated, repeat the operation.

2With the small roller apply the first paint coat

For the first coat, prepare a 75% paint and 25% solvent mixture.

Stir it with a wooden bar and pour it in a roller tray.As in the water paint,you should paint up and down,but in smaller fringes (about 50cm of wide).

3- Let dry off from 6 to 8 hours and sandpaper the wall again.

Wait until the first coat dries (from 6 to 8 hours minimum), and then pass a fine sandpaper over the whole surface.This way you´ll get that the second coat gets better fixed.

4Prepare a denser mixture and give the second coat

For the second coat prepare a new mixture,denser than the first one: 90% paint and 10 solvent%. Apply with it the second coat,up and down as before, and finally, finish off the contours and details with a smaller roller.

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