How to put a fence in your window?

You will need:

Grille bars




Electric drill

Wide wick



Difficulty mano


First you have to mark the sockets where the grille bars will go. Use the pencil to mark the points in the wall where you will put the bars. The correct installation of the grille bars depends on this first step.


Use the chisel and hammer to make the holes. If you find it too difficult, you can help yourself with an electric drill with wide wick to make the holes and then enlarge them with the chisel.


Put the bars in the sockets correctly. Remember that the holes in holes of the sides have to be deeper for you to be able to put the fence correctly. When the bars are put, center them. The last step involves using cement to fill the holes.


A good tip is to put the cement with some tool that is small and thin, so you won’t exceed with the quantities, that’s why we recommend you using the back of a teaspoon.

Did you know that?

Security tips:

  • You can use anti-theft crystals to protect your house. They are hardened to offer more resistance.
  • You need to enforce the windows near to pipes and protruding walls because thieves use those elements to climb up.You can also use aluminum curtains
  • The distance between bars should not exceed the 12 centimeters.
  • There are different lock mechanisms to secure your windows. You can check for fastened windows, or cap screwed windows.

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