Keys to calculate the material

To calculate the exact number of tiles that will be needed to tile a surface just keep in mind some simple rules:

1 – If you have chosen tiles are sold in boxes of one square meter, to calculate the material measure the height and width of the walls of the room.

Add all the values ​​obtained and you know how many square meters of tiles needed.

2 – It may be that the tiles are sold in boxes of a certain number of pieces, not knowing that surface is covered with each. Then, divide the height of the wall by a tile to fit you know how many pieces in a vertical row. Deposed divide the width of the tile wall and know what you need to complete a horizontal row. For the total number, multiply the two numbers.

3 – If you use tiles in unusual ways, prepares a sample to accurately estimate the total amount.

4 – Note that each box contains both standard as other parts with the most finished edges. Therefore it is advisable to check all the boxes right to use, to select those most appropriate for the corners.

You can paint

No painting is so resistant to moisture and heat as tiles, but can be a good short-term solution if you want to change the look of your bathroom or kitchen without “suffering” discomfort leftovers. To prepare the medium, wash the wall with water and detergent. Then you can now start painting. For a durable and waterproof finish, we recommend using special paint for tiles and apply it with a small roll; pinceladas.s is not well appreciated.

Tile or above …

Before proceeding, you should know if the structure of the room would hold the weight of a tiled wall twice. If indeed so, wash the prints, tiles sand them and clean the dust with a slightly damp cloth or sponge. When placing new tiles, use conventional cement tiles and you place it so your joints do not coincide with those of the ancients.


Always buy two or three boxes of tiles over really necessary. AL cutting or handling always tends to break any, thereby acquiring the right amounts will eventually prove a problem. It is also advisable to acquire all the tiles at once, as there may be small variations in color between tiles of different productions.


If you want to insert patterned tiles and smooth, which will plan first decorated pieces need to know how many. Do not put drawings in the corners, as the view will have to move away from the center to look at these areas.


To mix the adhesive cement put on a tray, add water and stir with a paddle or stick. Go to rectify the amount of powder and water until a stiff dough sticky. If the mixture sticks to your skin, you already here.

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