Like, paint the ceiling with the roller

Like, paint the ceiling with the roller

That it is  needed:

Large brush


Fine paintbrush

Paint for ceiling



See the image.

1 ) First, with a paintbrush, mark the borders.

Begin painting with a paintbrush borders the roof a stripe of some five centimeters in width, approximately. Think than it is impossible to get to them with the roller.

2) Comience to apply the paint as from the marked border.

With the roller, apply in tandem on the edge that I paint a stripe paint of enter forty to fifty centimeters of width.

Begin working wall-to-wall, in the section of the roof than this more close to the window.

3) Work with passages penperdiculares to the first.

In the opposite direction to the first passage, with the roller, apply another 40 stripe to 50 centimeters that you join the previous. Each last news the paint should apply her as from the ending of the application of the previous. That way avoid that the unpainted zones be left.

4 ) Like arrive paint with care to electric connection.

When arrive gone out wing electric connections, well come from soffits or lamps, paint with a lot of care and with the help of a paintbrush around.

I match Specials.

Walls with moldings:


Often they install horizontal either polyurethane moldings or wood that play-act and adorn the lines of union between roof and walls at some rooms. In order to avoid to stain them when you paint the roof, you will have to protect the margins with tape of masking – next, prove to be him more difficult eliminating the paint remains -. If they are very broad, the best is to paper them up every-day and to fix this with the same tape.

In front of wooden beams.

If the roof that is going to paint this has wooden beams or of another material and he wants to preserve its original color, work always with a little roller to paint between them. Also you can meet with than the surface between her beams be concave – in reality, he is quite frequent -; Such that permits him to work cleanly will have to use a width’s paintbrushes then. In any event, apply always to parallel passages the beams trying to do a layout the more right and firm possible.

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