Living Cube, a solution for decoration in small places

Living Cube is the idea of the swiss designer Hasta Könneker for those who have small space for decoration at home. Könneker created a living cube, a small space with the shape of a cube with aesthetic, functional and practical value. The living cube allows you to have everything you would seek in a house but without the feeling of being cramped up in a small space.


Living Cube spaces decoration.

Könneker’s solution to small spaces decoration is to organize the room in just one reduced space known as Living Cube. Thanks to its shape, the room can be well distributed and keep it cozy. The exterior of the cube can also be used for other purposes. In the image we can see a walk-in closet made with a Living Cube. You can arrange your books, clothes and objects as in a cupboard or closet. There is also a bar for you to hang your shirts or suits.

The Living Cube is a modern solution for space problems in houses nowadays. It mixes closet functions with elements of a room, having a bed and drawers that help you to organize better the little space you have at home. This piece of furniture allows you to save space and give style to your home.

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