NUD customized colorful lamps

NUD introduced a new set of lamps to give your house a touch of personality.

There are tons of colors and forms to choose, allowing you to create your own customized lamp.

The new NUD lamp’s collection was presented in Euroluce Fair, a convention celebrated annually in the prestigious city of Milan, Italy. It is a colorful collection to bring joy and personality to the illumination of each house around the world.


NUD customized colorful lamps.

NUD is one of the biggest companies in matters of light lamp designs and electric cables. They are able of creating 45 different types of cable with varieties in the subjection method. These combinations make it possible for the user to choose between hundreds of colors. It is also possible to dye the cables of your light bulbs at home in three easy steps. NUD wants you to give your house your own personal touch choosing the color and the form of your lamps.

The new NUD lamp collection was designed for those who are picky about details. You can use the colorful cables to create different forms to hold the bulbs, creating innovative and surprising lamps. In the official webpage you can combine the different products from NUD to find exactly what you want for your house.

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