How to organize your wardrobe, Decoideas

How to organize your wardrobe, Decoideas


How to organize your wardrobe?

Tips to facilitate the work

Do you ever found yourself in a situation like this?

So it’s time to organize your wardrobe !!!! Here are some tips to help you do so.

First and foremost is to want and do it without trouble. Ideally you count on someone’s help, but if not then I recommend you put background music or entertaining TV program.

The room where you do this work must be sorted, otherwise the mess will add to the amount of clothing and insurance you will feel overwhelmed.

You should devote four places to put clothes, (either chairs or a place baskets in bed)

To Shoot

to Shoot

Here in clothes I can no longer use neither you or someone else because of their status.
To give

How to organize

In this place you placed everything that no longer fits well, is outdated or you may feel uncomfortable.

There is always someone needing more than others and these garments serve them, ask around in your neighborhood if you do not have insurance who present him and inform you of any center, family or institution required.

To fix

to fix

The clothing is any fix that is right for your body shape and tone of your skin is basic but needs updated or arrangement of a dressmaker or your own (cut, fix hems, notching etc)

What remains


These are the clothes that really fit your needs, with shapes and correct colors and are in good condition, ready to be used and exploited in the best way.

You’ve already done half the work, encouragement and continue !!!!!

# Put in a bag all that is to pull and get him out of your sight.

# In another bag placed than it is to give and leave it near the exit door, so as you leave remember to ask who or where to take her.

# Garments to fix put them in a bag and do not let yourself be dressmaker take them or fix them yourself if you know how. Neighborhood dressmakers are usually accessible prices and recover insurance clothes that you would come out much more if’re buying.

# Now these off the garments that stay with you and you must organize for them to stay in the cloakrooms.

You should try everything. If it sounds heavy but, put the best energy because having your clothes in order and knowing how you are you will greatly facilitate your daily life.
Notice that fit well with the shape of your body and favor, the color is right and what other garments combine them.
Keep pen and paper nearby to go scoring the clothes that you would take, for sure when trying to assemble sets’ll notice that some things do not have.
This will buy wisely and not spend money on clothes that then can not be combined.
Now if it was time to keep everything tidy and easy to find.

If you use for your work different clothes

Then separate it and keep it all in the same place, your tomorrows will be easier if you do not have to go looking and everything is easy to find.

Jackets, jackets, blazers covered and should go on hangers and separated in that order, and makes it easier to stay warm for any occasion.

In the case of pants and skirts, ideally they hung separately vallan the sheltered nature of the cooler. If you do not have that place then fold them on separate stands.

Separating according to the season in which you are, it is above or by hand to mess up when you take something, separates sports clothing.

In the case of light clothing for the top separate them in:

muscular, long-sleeved sport shirts, sports short-sleeved blouses with long, short or three-quarters sleeves. A lack of space you can put together sports rowers on the same shelf. Blouses of the three types of sleeves, you can hang up leaving together they’re using at the time.


Shirts must be hung, but if you have no place fold them carefully so that do not wrinkle as much or ironing before use.

In the case of outerwear, separate them according to the tissues, the most sheltered together and separate the lighter.


You can use the back door keeps your clothes to hang scarves or keep them in a transparent bag inside your clothing for easy viewing. Do the same with the girdles today there are organizers for this kind of stuff at low cost.


Scarves or hats should go in drawers or boxes, like your underwear. You can separate dress socks sports putting sets of underwear in the middle.

Looking for a place to hang your portfolio or put them on a shelf or box without overtighten but easy to see.

Book a drawer for your necklaces, bracelets, caravans etc. If you do not have a space like this, there are different organizers to suit your needs.


If you have very spacious closets ideally you to keep the armed groups and different parchas hung on each other.

In this way it will be easier to find your stuff, know that you need when buying and your wallet will thank you.


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