Paint Doors and Windows

Paint Doors and Windows


If you had finished painting walls and roofs (make sure that they are totally dry), it´s time to decorate doors and windows. For it, it is necessary to prepare the wood first: either new or with remains of old paint,you should clean and polish the whole surface, applying sealer or a base paint if it is necessary.

To paint on wood… 

How to do it? 

Applying several coats of synthetic paint or to the solvent you will get a more lasting finish for the wood of doors and windows.

Forget,by now,of the paints to the water that you apply in roofs and walls. To decorate the wood you´ll have to use synthetic paints (either enamel or varnish), that protect more and they provide a better finish of this type of surfaces.

Annoying elements out! 

You´ll work more comfortable if you take out the bolts and door handles.If it is not possible, protect them, otherwise,you´ll have to carefully eliminate (and patiently),stains and splashes.

New wood 

In the case of new wood, the first step consists on sandpaper it, always in direction of the vein. Then, remove the dust with a humid cloth and, when it dries, apply a background coat. Wait until this dries,also, and pass a fine sandpaper over the whole surface.

Flat doors  

To paint flat doors it´s enough to memorize this simple rule that will help you to “to keep the order”: divide the surface mentally in eight parts and with a paintbrush (we recommends one of 7,5cm,3″) apply regular lines up and down and from left to right, always following the direction of the wood grain. Finally, with a fine paintbrush check the baseboards and door frames.

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