Paint effects and original touches

Paint effects and original touches

No doubt that once you have seen the effects that can be achieved by simple strokes with a sponge or cloth, have decided to decorate it with some of them. Here’s how you can do it and what criteria should be taken into account so that the color combination not be overstated.

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A two-color basecoat and related

One of the key lies in choosing the patina two-tone paint to coordinate well. The rest depends on your skill.


Before starting to paint the entire wall with a special technique of decorative painting, practice on paper, white cardboard or in a corner of the room. So you can perfect the technique and make sure that the color scheme you have chosen is attractive.

Dark colors on the base.

By doing a patina not only important technique, but also the color you choose. Generally, any decorative finish will be more elegant if you choose two shades of the same color that are very close in the chromatic scale. Ideally, use the darkest to the base.

For example: a cobalt blue for the first layer and one or two shades lighter for the patina.

More contrasts.

Some techniques can mix two different tones with very impressive results. So, you can make the lines a hairstyle using a much lighter color a wash with two contrasting colors.

The mop can directly apply the paint with a brush and make it look fuzzy, while wet, or give the second layer with a rag, when the base is dry.

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