Paint Techniques Supplementary help

Even though at first sight it can seem that the majority of complements that are sold today are dedicated to professionals, it´s not that way by no means.There are easy handling utensils that will help you(you´ll see that  it´s worthwhile)to get a perfect work.

Before painting protect with masking tape,all those areas where you don’t want to give color(doors marks  and windows, baseboards, switches and electric outlets… ) .Thus, you will have more “error margin” and that will allow you to work with more tranquility. The masking tape also will be very useful to define two contiguous surfaces (a wall and the roof, for example )in which 2 different colors will be applied.

Perfect the corners


To paint corners angles it will be helpful to use protective shields: with these metal or plastic squares,you will be able to work without the risk of staining other areas.

Work comfortably

paint (1)

When you prepare a mixture, use plastic or metal buckets if you will work with paintbrushes, and trays if you´ll do with rollers. To mix correctly the paint, use a bar or,if it is easier,a wooden board. If you has intended to paint walls or high roofs, don’t doubt to add to the roller a long bar (wooden or metal); with it you will be able to accede to the whole surface without the need of been going up and down continually off the stairway. And if it is aobut re-decorate a radiator,you also will found “help”:there are some special paintbrushes that will let you get to the difficult corners. Finally, your “weapon” against the unavoidable and annoying splashes  will be the rags,choose them of cotton that don’t loose fluff.

It shouldn’t lack the solvent

And don’t scant with the paint thinner:buy all the necessary to mix with the paint. Also, it will be useful to clean utensils and stains later.

An advice

Sometimes,in spite of being new, the bristle of the paintbrushes it´s not well adhered to the fastener. To fix them it is necessary to leave them (along the whole night, if it is possible )submerged in linseed oil, if they are of bristle,or in water,if they are of nylon. Watch over that the fastener or band that fix the bristle,won´t get submerge, since you can rust it with the water. Before painting, wash the bristles with warm water or soap.

A warning

Don’t doubt to purchase good quality paintbrushes: without doubt the better tools you use,the better guarantee you´ll have to obtain a perfect finish.

Also, at end, expensives paintbrushes are the most profitable: if you take care of them, they can last a lot of time under perfect conditions and you will be able to reuse them without any risk.Use paintbrushes only for jobs that require less care.

A trick

While working with two differents colors at the same time,it will be helpful to use two paintbrushes or rollers.In this way you won’t have to clean the paintbrush every time  you want to change the color.

Hands to the work

On the contrary that other areas of the decoration,paint techniques hardly give difficulty even for those less skilled; therefore, following some basic norms, anyone can end up becoming an expert. Remember these:a good work planning,always apply regular coats, and wait until each coat dries .

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