Paint with embossed

Paint with embossed

Any embossed painting effect can be a great way to hide flaws or irregularities in a wall or to camouflage some oversight. They are easy techniques that only require the right tools and special paints.


Techniques and effects

Air rustic

When it comes to hide flaws, embossed techniques are the best option to do so and provide a rustic while.

The coated with color, gritty effect with spatula and decor are three of the many procedures that exist to give relief to a wall. They are ideal to get a rustic style. The spatulate with lime and also very suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms, as can be done with steam resistant products.

Plastered with color.

Here texturable need fillings and plastic trowel, a fundamental tool to make a coating. The paint can be applied and neutral color or dyed. If you decide to do it later and white coloring, color gel should be applied using a sponge. The result is a very irregular finish whose thickness depends on the number of fillings used.

Sandy why not?

There are paint like sand granules, ready to use, as the rustic texture products. These coatings are multi-colored stipple finish. Termination is achieved opaque and should be applied by spray.

Any of these finishes in addition to simplicity, and produces a perfect finish.


A suitable brush will allow perfectly colored cover all irregularities of a painting or some effect.

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