Painting and how to get different finishes

Painting and how to get different finishes

What you need:

Plastic paint in desired colors, brush or roller, marine sponge, cotton cloth, rubber comb, brush effects, bristle brush width, bypass tray and roller bucket for water.



  1 – Always start applied the base coat of paint.


In this practical example, plastic paint be used in two similar tones or combined and in two finishes: matte satin base and patina. Whatever the effect you want to achieve, you must first apply one or two coats of acrylic paint.

2 – Fluffy: Apply paint with a light touch.


To achieve fluffy effect the following steps. Dampen the sponge in the mixture and drain on the grid gives the cup to not leak. Go light applying paint touch-never-dragging until the desired glaze.

3 – Mopping: move the cloth rolled up and down.


This technique does not use water, and prevent paint drips. Dip the cloth in the paint and soak evenly so there are no stains on the wall. Start painting drained displacing the cloth winding up and down at random motions, until the color fading.

4 – Hairstyle: Ensure that the lines are either parallel.


The hairstyle is indispensable to keep a steady hand, so that the lines are perfectly parallel. Spread lightly comb paint, place the bottom of the wall and as you go sliding, move the inclination to finish painting at the top.

5 – Clear as water: Crusaders of brush strokes and without any order.


Using gel work begins. With the brush flat blunt brushstrokes and cross-avoid multiple passes over the same spot, without following any order. It is advisable to apply two coats, but before the second dry, wipe with a clean, damp brush.

6 – To dry brush technique use one of bristle.


This finishing is necessary to load the brush so that only slightly impregnated are the tips of the bristles. You should apply the paint with soft touch cross past. To get a more intense color, repeat the process when the first coat has dried.

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