Painting, as special effects

Painting, as special effects

With paint and-or other suitable utensil sustitorio you have on hand, has the opportunity to give style to your home. Can age a wall with dry brush technique, enhanced with a mixture of two colors, patinas give soft and fuzzy …

Decorative Painting Techniques

Chau to boredom!


With any of the techniques discussed here, the walls painted a neutral-colored smooth-bored and finally pass into history.

Although it is logical that at first be dazzled by the wonderful effects that give the environment the various decorative techniques, do not try to implement them all at once. Adapt each to uses that are more appropriate, according to the brightness or the prevailing atmosphere in the room.

Baroque, no.


In ornate rooms is better to opt for a soft patina on all the walls, or highlight a wall.

Play it safe. But if you want to make a rustic atmosphere to the environment, the patina technique is his most faithful ally, is ideal for a distressed finish. In either case, do not venture to the extreme color combinations: always give the best result tones, perhaps contrasted with other darker.

And also marbled.


Besides finishes that are presented in the next page, there are many others. One is the marbled, very old technique that is perhaps the most difficult. Is to spread a layer of paint on a white base. Then, when the paint is still wet, rub the surface and once has dried, the grain is.

Rolls-available in multiple textures-, sponges and brushes are the most used tools for effects with paint, but not the only ones.

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