Painting techniques, Ceiling Operation

Painting techniques, Ceiling Operation


A juice of paintbrushes, one gnawn and some plastic- coarse- paint cans to paint any great surface. In the case of roofs, nevertheless, an added problem will be necessary: ¿Where getting up?

The paint but indicated for the decoration of walls and roofs of inside but that they not come from wood plastic artses are water. They do not drip, almost they generate smell, they are economic if they dry what you allow giving over a cape in a same day hastily. You will have to use a big paintbrush or roller, even though it will be necessary to have other more fine paintbrushes to work borders and corners in order to apply them. But independently I explain of the material used, like himself, the first step will be to paint the roof.

I eat to catch up with the roof.

Be a giant to paint the roof except for one it will be necessary to get on a stair or, much more comfortable not to have that to go rising and taking down scaffold even. Improvising a suchlike platform is too easy: Only it is  needed to put a resistant thick board between two trestles or to you little stairs, make sure, nevertheless, than the thick board this well leveled and bear it, simply backed up.

In any event, attempt than, when it be  decided to paint the roof, your head this some 10 centimeters this.

Painting from the ground.

This will be able to do it I gave couple the roller to a rod or wooden stick logically, the painted one belonging to her zones that require pressure like the roof’s borders or a lamp’s surroundings you will not be able to accomplish it with this system.


When he have to work around the electric installations for example, we recommended you a lamp to disconnect the light to work with bigger tranquility and, if necessary, taking the protector off the cables that often take the wall lamps to paint the surface that you hide.

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