Stamping, painting decorating

Stamp, painting decorating We are going to see the processes to stamping. Painting It can also permeate the seal with a small roller, usually applies paint with a brush or […]

How to make a curtain

How to make a curtain Needed: crayons, pins, tape measure, needle (depending on the thickness of the curtain fabric), basting thread, sewing thread pitch, scissors, tape and shirring sewing machine. […]

Recommendations for Decorative Paints

Recommendations for Decorative Paints Textured motif Rollers Getting a surprising result with decorative painting is very simple when you stir textured, like brand Supertez Harris. With them will get a […]

Stencil on canvas and wood

Stencil on canvas and wood Painting on canvas The best canvas for stenciling are cotton and silk. It is essential to use special paints for canvas, in the same way […]

Possibilities of the stencil

Possibilities of the stencil Beyond the wall On canvas, wood, in a ceramic vase in a windowpane or a lampshade … With paint and stenciling can applicator suitable numerous objects. […]

Stencil, step by step

Stencil, step by step Before you begin, you experiment with the drawing and the colors you have chosen on a card. This may correct those details that do not end […]

Stencil, templates and tools Techniques

Stencil, templates and tools Techniques With a wide range of decorative possibilities and also easy to perform, the stencil is a technique that can be applied on various surfaces, so […]