Paper decorative techniques, mural, mirage, marble effect

Paper decorative techniques, mural, mirage, marble effect

Is Paper?

papel¬†Imitate wallpaper is one of the “tricks” to get easier, it is the one that requires less expertise when drawing. Using paint rollers and texturazas can create effects that simulate stripes, squares, circles and trellises, and even relief. Nothing escapes this technique.



In this case it is not faithfully reproduce a reason but simply to decorate a wall with a mural. Let your imagination work and get a room fun for your kids by drawing their favorite characters or a cheerful composition in which children can contribute their own ideas.



The result can be truly spectacular. Dare to recreate a classic in the living room, a shelf full of old tools care in the kitchen or a tropical landscape in the bathroom. You can use various techniques and paints, such as oil on wall, the patina to water or acrylic paint.

Marble effect

Always protected with gloves, wet a rag wet marbled paint and then pressing diagonal strokes with the cloth.

marmol Then, with a pen or a fine round brush, draw diagonal lines irregular darker tone.


Vanish then brush with a rag or brush, smoothing the drawing. This will mimic the veins of marble.


If you want the veins are more marked, draw new strokes with the brush.



An extra tip: work in a meter box. Start at the top left corner and work down.

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