Tiles, as set base level

How to set the base level to place tiles this job requires that we take some time to do it right. In fact it depends on the tiles and or […]

Tile combinations and tools

Tile combinations and tools Let’s see how we can choose tiles, and choose tools. The flat grid (a) is the most common form of post square tiles, but other methods […]

Tiles project

The walls often have slopes, openings or obstacles that need to be considered before starting to tile. Therefore, to avoid last minute surprises should project the good work and know […]

Keys to calculate the material

To calculate the exact number of tiles that will be needed to tile a surface just keep in mind some simple rules: 1 – If you have chosen tiles are […]

Tile sizes combinations and Equipment Needed

Tile sizes combinations and Equipment Needed PREPARATIONS ┬áDid you have to leave small joints between tile and tile for the expansion of the tiles? Are you clear how to calculate […]

Tiles types and colors for different jobs

Tiles types and colors for different jobs Types and colors of tiles. A wall tiled with ceramic tiles of one color (1) can be supplemented with trims, frets and friezes […]

As solder, copper

As solder, copper In this video we see, as we can solder copper pipe simply and securely. With this in mind we do our own repairs at home. Enjoy the […]