Possibilities of the stencil

Possibilities of the stencil

Beyond the wall

On canvas, wood, in a ceramic vase in a windowpane or a lampshade … With paint and stenciling can applicator suitable numerous objects.

paredes As shown in the images that illustrate this page, with the stencil atmosphere can be created by repeating the same ornament different surfaces. You can get a nice effect small decorating objects with the same design that has been applied on the walls or curtains, so it is necessary to adjust the size of the drawing. If the reason you want to adapt to fit the object to stenciling, it is best to photocopy the design to enlarge or reduce the optimal proportions. Then cálquelo in a template and have everything ready.

telas Some councils. For painting small objects is advisable to purchase fine brushes. If it is a curved surface, it is very well set the template so that the paint does not drip below. – In these cases it is preferable to use paper templates as they are much more adaptable to any shape. One way to avoid paint stains on unwanted items is lined with newspaper around the object.

design Renew painted. If you want to give a new look to the kitchen or the bathroom and did not want to “suffer” the discomfort of the works, you can get by nicely decorated tile stencil. A paint tile with this technique requires the use of a special paint. They cake cold ceramic painting, it takes a 12-hour dry completely. Although the technique is exactly the same as that used on other media, smooth and glossy surface of the paint enables tiles slip. This can be avoided by drying the brush well and giving small and soft color applications. If it’s a kitchen, you can decorate with furniture style bathroom, can stencil the shower curtain, the curtains of the window, a shelf …

design-1 The possibilities are endless stencil. These marine motifs on this occasion served to brighten the bathroom, copying from a guard on the wall to the frame of the mirror tiles.

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