Prints created with molds

Prints created with molds


The application of prints is an extremely easy and inexpensive to decorate walls, furniture, fabrics, and small decorative items. It is also an entertaining and fun technique that for your procedure to deploy a real creative process. In short, you will see that it is almost child’s play.



Create with mold

For excellent results and the speed of execution, the application of patterns is the ideal technique to decorate in a blink of an eye.

The application is simply prints printing a pattern on a surface using a mold or rubber stamp. In the same way that happens with templates for stenciling, stamps can be purchased already made or drawn up at home.

First, the mold

In the shops there are a variety of designs for printing, but you can choose the subject that you like and make the seal with rubber or plast medium density foam. Trace the pattern on the rubber or foam, and then review the outline of the drawing. Carefully proceed to cut with a knife. Then paste the sponge or rubber sheet and add a small wooden handle that makes it much easier to manage the seal.

Secrets and tricks


The printing ink, of which there are a variety of colors, is the right paint for stamping. Another useful advice we can offer is that, at the time of applying the seal on the wall, do firmly and with a rocking motion, in the same way that would stamp a seal of office on paper.

Few excel in speed techniques applying stamps. Simply soak the mold paint and trace it everywhere.

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