Recommendations coatings

Recommendations coatings

Papers numbered


To avoid color difference

Each roll of paper for wall covering is printed with a serial number. By buying the rolls needed to paper, you must ensure that the identification of all the film takes is the same. Otherwise, meant that belong to different manufacturing batches, so that small variations may involve color and tonality. Also for this reason it is recommended to buy more rolls of the amount strictly necessary to avoid having to buy more later, with the possibility that they are not the same serial number. If, in the worst case, all rolls are from the same series, take care to use it differently for inconspicuous corner of the room.

Coated with cork

Practical and warm

Coating the walls with cork has many advantages for his great qualities as thermal and acoustic insulation, in addition to having much moisture resistance and low maintenance. So you can use it in all kinds of travelers, even wetter as the bathroom or kitchen. Cork, by his appearance, incorporates an informal and practical to the room in which it is placed. As happened in the flooring, cork comes in different formats: plates, tiles, rolls and placing no different from the floor.

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