Recommendations for Decorative Paints

Recommendations for Decorative Paints


Textured motif Rollers

Getting a surprising result with decorative painting is very simple when you stir textured, like brand Supertez Harris. With them will get a professional finish, fast and easy. Furthermore, the roller Supertez.


– Can be used with texturized paint me with high viscosity paints.

– Available in various designs, many different decorative effects.

– His “slots” are remarkably deep, to get a perfect finish on walls and ceilings.

Roller Harris


How to achieve special effects

Another way to decorate painting is to bring to the surface an appearance of “wrinkled fabrics.” Harris this roller is designed, and is easy to handle.

-For use with water-based paint on walls, furniture or wooden doors.

-You can use a single color or paint with a color as a base and then add another layer with the roller.

– The base and top coat colors may be looking, to give a contrasting effect, or be complementary colors to achieve a more subtle finish.

Sponge Painting


Natural or synthetic?
Natural sea sponges and synthetic get a very good result in smooth surfaces. With them get different effects, sometimes whimsical, according to their creativity and skill. The irregular shape of the natural sponges adds an extra eye candy to the wall on which it is applied, although this technique does not dominate the synthetic will be more manageable.

Hammerite Enamel

Directly over rust

The glazes whose application requiring took centuries to dry background of the past. Hammerite Direct now offers on oxide glaze, a glaze that is applied directly, without having thoroughly and dry in just one hour with excellent results.

It is directly on oxide glaze Hammerite offers the same durability and resistance guarantees that paints require the preliminary background applications.

The product is available in three different finishes: Brilliant in 9 colors, “forge” in 4 colors and hammered in 5 colors.
The oxide glaze on Hammerite Direct, comes in packs of 0.24 liters, 0.8 liters and 2.4 liters and is available in paint and specialty malls.
Color Drops
Paint splashed

Try to splash the base layer with drops of one or more other colors. To do this, stand facing the wall and load decorator paint brush large. Remove excess paint and hit the metal part of the brush against a batten to splashes fly off toward the wall. The goal is to get a clean smooth finish. Practice on a newspaper to control the force with which to launch the drops.
Painting clouds


With sponge and turpentine
For a soft and hazy when painting with sponge, proceed as follows: wait for the base coat is dry and coat with oil varnish thick consistency. Give pat with sponge soaked in lacquer thinner over the still wet.

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