Tiles, as set base level

How to set the base level to place tiles this job requires that we take some time to do it right. In fact it depends on the tiles and or […]

Vintage decorations, stylish

Vintage decor, stylish. We are in the era of vintage decoration style from the past. As we have seen it mimics vintage furniture and home decorations with an antique touch. […]

Offices decorated with style

Offices decorated with style. The offices are places where we spend much of our day. With this in mind really is very important decoration, their colors are nice. Let’s look at the […]

Stencil, step by step

Stencil, step by step Before you begin, you experiment with the drawing and the colors you have chosen on a card. This may correct those details that do not end […]

Stencil, templates and tools Techniques

Stencil, templates and tools Techniques With a wide range of decorative possibilities and also easy to perform, the stencil is a technique that can be applied on various surfaces, so […]

Paint with embossed

Paint with embossed Any embossed painting effect can be a great way to hide flaws or irregularities in a wall or to camouflage some oversight. They are easy techniques that […]

Decorate with paint and more

Decorate with paint and more According texture roller to apply the paint using a multitude of finishes achieved: can get a foam, a mop, a ribbed trim, borders, drawings … […]

Decorate first steps

Decorate first steps Before implementing any of the decorative techniques detailed in this booklet, take a look at the pages explaining how to properly prepare the surface. Then, discover the […]

ABC of color pigments and shades

Pigments and shades  Besides being decorative, not forget that confer personality colors. When choosing the right tone for a room must take into account that you will use to give. […]