Restore moldings

Restore moldings

Recover ancient ornaments


If you want to improve the appearance of old moldings – aged by the effect of many layers of paint, damage, wear … – try to restore them. It should, first, remove paint layers having with the aid of a toothbrush water soaked old element and a pointed tip, such as a screwdriver, to assist him when working in the slits. If you have cracks, fill them. Before re-decorate, wash the trim and finally apply a stabilizing primer.

If the trim was covered only with water-based paints, the process will be simpler: scratch with a stiff bristle brush and gently wipe with turpentine. In the event that excessive damage can be repaired by a specialist or replaced immediately.

The mechanical stapler


The wildcard of coatings

You can save a lot of effort and time on task upholstery fabrics if you have a mechanical stapler, especially if large areas should take. In addition this unit will serve for other DIY jobs.

There are many models and brands of staplers, with different power-which must govern according to the material on which the clip-and-benefits not only set some staples but also nails and toes. However, they all share a universal staple magazine and even there are models that allow nailing two staples simultaneously. Duotac system is known, especially in tasks indicating that need reinforcement stitching.

How to handle it

If this is your first time using this unit, carefully read the instructions contained in the packaging and test first on a test surface to learn how to handle it before facing a definitive work. After loading the stapler with staples of the appropriate size -14, 19 o28 mm are the most common-and connected, a slight pressure on the trigger will be used to implement the staples. It never set on the power lines, and take care to put the insurance free shot when not using the stapler.

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