Restoring furniture first steps

We started as promised, such as restoring furniture simple and inexpensive way.


The surface preparation is the first step in restoring furniture. Although wood are often the most treaties, it is also possible to renew metal, wicker or any material that comes to mind.

Preparatory techniques
First clean


Paint removal, sanding and sealing are the basic steps in the first phase of restoration. But not always have to follow them all.


Furniture need not have a single life. An old chair, a table that is obsolete or in poor condition placar can enjoy a second chance if we have a little patience and knowledge. Now, no need to wait to grow old furniture. You can also change its appearance to suit a mood or simply because are no longer as attractive as the day we bought them. The restoration is therefore an inexpensive way to redecorate and give new life to our home.

What is there to do; mode prepares the cabinet will not always be the same: it depends on the original finish and desired him instead. What is essential in all other cases remove any remaining paint or varnish, sanding and finally, seal the knots with an acrylic caulking or shellac.

┬┐Plugging pores or not?

Applying sealant to the surface or, what is the same, applying pores lid is not always necessary. In the case of a wooden cabinet, you do so only if you are painting. Instead, wicker and metal need to be treated with sealant. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application, but know that usually have to apply the aid of a wide brush.

Shellac and putty are used as sealants l0os particularly suitable for untreated wooden furniture. Especially putty clog pores and leaves no stain remains.

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