Stencil on canvas and wood

Stencil on canvas and wood

Painting on canvas

The best canvas for stenciling are cotton and silk. It is essential to use special paints for canvas, in the same way it is important to be very careful that the fabric remains taut always to avoid wrinkling. As in other cases, you can use standard colors or create your own. The procedure is the same as always and only recommend that you always run off the brush before applying paint wing.


In wood



The stencil is a perfect technique to restore an old piece of furniture or decorate an apartment, as already explained. The steps are the same as for stenciling a wall, but the wood require pre-treatment and special paint. After sanding the surface and apply wood sealer, and you can paste the template and start the process of applying paint-when working on horizontal surfaces can be painted with spray-Finally, apply a coat of clear varnish (matt or glossy, to your taste) to set the finish.


There are several ways to apply the color on the templates. For uniform coverage quickly and easily. The best method is to paint with a small sponge roller. Is the most appropriate tool for stenciling on fabric, since the sponge absorbs the excess paint.


Whatever the surface and stencil technique, there is a simple formula to obtain a three-dimensional finish. Once dry painting and drawing, reapply the template, this time about 2mm. the left or right edge. Color the ends in white with a soft-gray colored, for example, to get a shadow effect.


The use of templates for decorating objects is not a modern procedure. The first to use the stencil was the Egyptians, who created templates to make drawings of their sarcophagi and funerary objects were always equal. In the Middle Ages were also used to decorate manuscripts templates.

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