Stencil, step by step

Stencil, step by step

Before you begin, you experiment with the drawing and the colors you have chosen on a card. This may correct those details that do not end in like and ensure the desired result.


 Decorate a wall and stencil technique is easy and offers many possibilities, styles and finishes. It is imperative that the wall is clean, completely sealed and free of dust. If you have rough this can be a problem but also an advantage because the surface irregularity dissimulate small faults.

Brighten a room.

estencil-1 As mentioned, this decorative technique could have as many chances as you want. One of the largest capacities of the stencil is to animate a somber or sad.

estencil-2 Typically, white is the color most commonly used to brighten these atmospheres, but the same effect can be achieved with borders and drawings. To apply this technique is very suitable primer that is bold, clear tones leaving for the stencil. If, by contrast, does not like dark colors for the wall, you can paint it with a clear tone and ornamentally stenciling motifs in bright colors.

Some councils.

When put to work there little tricks to prevent stains and smudges of paint. The first is to set either the templates to the wall with spray glue or masking tape. This will be very useful for painting but within the workforce, especially when using aerosol. Also make sure the paint is completely dry before removing the stencil.

The secret lies in the application stencil paint through a stencil with a brush and, pat.

Prepare it all


Arrange around everything you need before you start. Then apply the template to the wall with glue or spray-masking tape, making sure it is not any slots.

Load the brush


Wet the brush with a small amount of paint and remove excess wetting in a paper or cloth. It is important to drain the paint to prevent dripping or soak too.

Apply paint


Apply the paint over the stencil with taps. If you have to paint the same hole with various colors, wait for the first coat dries. In case you all one color, not necessary.

And presto …


When the paint is dry, never before, carefully remove the template. If it has become very dirty and think you can go to come off the wall, wipe with a cloth.


If repeated motifs

Stencil on a wall several times the same reason we must try to do so as a result it is balanced, harmonious and proportionate. For this, it is best to start from the center of the room and continue to the end, until you reach the corners.


Insurance Court


When cutting templates do with a sharp blade so that the cut is clean and precise. Work on a cutting board or piece of wood slightly larger than the template. A final and elementary precaution: cut out, never towards your body, the blade may slip.

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