Stencil, templates and tools Techniques

Stencil, templates and tools Techniques

With a wide range of decorative possibilities and also easy to perform, the stencil is a technique that can be applied on various surfaces, so it is particularly suitable for creating environments based on the repetition of the same motif.


Techniques, templates and tools

How to trace designs

Although I trusted his artistic abilities, try to use templates to copy designs. There will be no room for error.


Before starting to work, make sure you have everything you need. The stencil may be performed with a brush, sponge, roller or spray, so that the tools are essential according to the procedure chosen. One of the main points that should be considered is the importance of using special paints because it has a thicker consistency and are fast drying, thus ensuring optimum finish the process.


Stencil walls. When stenciling a wall it should be done with brush, pad or roller. The spray is not the best means for stenciling vertical surfaces, since the painting is drained below the template and ruin the picture with smudges and stains. In any case and whatever the technique, always very well set the template to the wall to prevent paint from leaking.

For this technique need brushes special templates and optimum painting according to the type of surface on which to apply the drawing.



Brush, sponge or roller


Different ways of applying color result in different finishes, of why it is advisable to test all possibilities before. You will need to use round brushes with short hair and hard, as they provide a stipple finish. Prefers a mottled effect, then use a sea sponge. Another option is the small sponge roller, ideal when trying to obtain uniform coverage. The last two are technical as the most comfortable to work on large surfaces, it is easier and faster.


One advantage is that each stencil can paint anything drawing with one or several colors. A few basic rules will help you get a good finish. The first and most important, use a tool for each color, and second, make a template for implementing each of the colors. This prevents the tones look dirty or dull.

Always ready

To ensure that the templates are kept in top condition should wash them frequently, especially since the small holes accumulate dry paint chips. Also should clean brushes, sponges and rollers deposed each use. A tip for brushes: washing deposed, hold the hair with a rubber band. Thus, not deform.

Find inspiration

As for the templates, you can buy them in stores. There are two types of reusable or single use. However, if you want to decorate with a drawing itself, can make yourself template using transparent acetate film or thick paper. You just have to copy the selected design on paper with a tracing paper and then carefully cut it with a knife.

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