Hows to fix damp housing condition at home

The winter rains usually makes humidity to appear in different walls around the house. When we get back to our holidays house we found it covered by humidity stains, and it is also possible for damp housing conditions to appear in your regular house. The first step is to verify if humidity appears because of […]

Electricity, safety, and economy

Electricity, safety, and economy Attention! Have you ever wondered how many lights are on unnecessarily in the home or how many devices you have connected without the use? The first thing to do to save money is to drink responsibly and do not connect equipment or lights do not need. The paradigm of economic lights […]

3 Tips to facilitate the work

3 Tips to facilitate the work 1 – Who has not tried to put a picture and is out of level. How frustrating it is. Let’s see how to fix it 2 – Another tips, ugly is when they want to take out a hex head screw and you have the proper key. Again, let’s […]

Tiles project

The walls often have slopes, openings or obstacles that need to be considered before starting to tile. Therefore, to avoid last minute surprises should project the good work and know that you will meet. THINK BEFORE ACTING Tile project Setting a base level that serves as a guide to place the tiles is an essential […]

Tiles for everyone

Tiles for everyone A wall tiled with ceramic tiles of one color (1) can be supplemented with trims, frets and friezes (2) (3). These can be smooth or embossed, with or without drawing, rustic, narrow or wide, hand-painted … Another way to add a touch of grace to a smooth wall is including irregularly shaped […]