Stamping, painting decorating

Stamp, painting decorating We are going to see the processes to stamping. Painting It can also permeate the seal with a small roller, usually applies paint with a brush or […]

Restoring furniture first steps

We started as promised, such as restoring furniture simple and inexpensive way. RESTORING FURNITURE FIRST STEPS The surface preparation is the first step in restoring furniture. Although wood are often […]

Recommendations for Decorative Paints

Recommendations for Decorative Paints Textured motif Rollers Getting a surprising result with decorative painting is very simple when you stir textured, like brand Supertez Harris. With them will get a […]

Prints created with molds

Prints created with molds The application of prints is an extremely easy and inexpensive to decorate walls, furniture, fabrics, and small decorative items. It is also an entertaining and fun […]

Stencil on canvas and wood

Stencil on canvas and wood Painting on canvas The best canvas for stenciling are cotton and silk. It is essential to use special paints for canvas, in the same way […]

Possibilities of the stencil

Possibilities of the stencil Beyond the wall On canvas, wood, in a ceramic vase in a windowpane or a lampshade … With paint and stenciling can applicator suitable numerous objects. […]

Paint with embossed

Paint with embossed Any embossed painting effect can be a great way to hide flaws or irregularities in a wall or to camouflage some oversight. They are easy techniques that […]

How to paint walls with water paints

How to paint walls with water paints What┬┤s needed? -A paintbrush or a big roller -Water Paint 1– Begin from the closest area to a natural light Always begin from […]