Tile combinations and tools

Tile combinations and tools

Let’s see how we can choose tiles, and choose tools.

The flat grid (a) is the most common form of post square tiles, but other methods which also can provide a more decorative effect.

For example, you can place the pieces in the position of a track. (b) and thus obtain an aesthetic fabric.

Having irregular tiles for feeling brickwork (c) or create a checkerboard with two-color tiles (d) are two ways to decorate original tiling.


A work of tiling requires some specific tools. Here we explain what the fundamentale, although there are many more.

Maybe you already have one of these votes.

You can go acquiring completing all you need at your local hardware store or local specialist.

(1) The steel square and pencil will serve to mark the cut lines.

(2) Bubble level

(3) spacers or spreaders respects the margin between tiles.

(4) Timing Spatula: to spread the adhesive in small areas.

(5) The trowel is also used to apply the cement but large areas

(6) Pliers notch: tile cutting.

(7) Special Lija tile.

(8) The grout expansion joints are filled.

(9) The scoop or paddle will serve to apply the mixture directly on the tile.

(10) Tile cutter.


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