Tile sizes combinations and Equipment Needed

Tile sizes combinations and Equipment Needed



 Did you have to leave small joints between tile and tile for the expansion of the tiles? Are you clear how to calculate the number of pieces left over so as not to him nor missing? How will you prepare the wall before tiling? Please read through these pages and does not retain any doubt.


Piece by piece

He has already chosen the type of tiles, but now you should know that tools are needed to tile and how.

Even before provided the basic equipment necessary, it is very important to know some basics about the tiles. Being made ​​from ceramics and be cooked in the oven, during their first years of life are going dilating. This could be a mere anecdote if it did not have that expansion is the key to a well finished tiling and above all, lasting. The only way to absorb the increase in size is to leave a jute (called “expansion”) between the tiles.


The most effective.

Most wall tiles, such as ceramic and marble installed quite easily. If we have to tile an entire wall or large surface must extend well cement tile with a notched trowel or spatula until a layer of 3 or 4 mm. When you replace that one tile that has come off, then you will need to apply five strokes of cement in the corners and in the center of the tile.

And other adhesives.

There are some materials that require special adhesives. This would be the chaos of porcelain stoneware or porcelain, for which placement is recommended a type different from the usual adhesive for excellent adhesion wing wall, thus avoiding unexpected landslides.

Whatever the material and size of the tile, it is essential to respect the space for meetings. If not, finish tiles coming loose.

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